I was born under the Karavanke Alps. They say I'm one of the most talented musical artists. Music has accompanied me all my life. I soon became an excellent composer, instrumentalist and an excellent vocalist. Already at the age of five years, I have performed on stage. At twelve, I created my first song. When I was seventeen years have become my performances on big stages in a highly desirable.

I won music competitions in Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Germany, thereby I successfully represented Slovenia. In the US, I performed; eg. in Washington D.C., Chicago, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee and many other cities.

After returning to Slovenia, I was mostly devoted to the creation of my new original compositions. Great love for my homeland, I released the CD "Naprej Slovenija". The most famous song of this CD is "Blaž". In short I will release a new CD entitled "Parada Hitov za Slovenijo".

I created about 500 works. Of course, mainly for Europe and America. Thus, the resulting album "Alpenmaus" and "Annemarie Hitparade" where the songs are in German, English and Spanish. In preparation is a CD in Russian.

I do this not only for myself, but also for all lovers of music! I would like to invite you with me to the rhythm of the music, enjoy the singing and joy!

You could contact me anytime about my website under achieve "Contact", or directly by e-mail: